“Those poor boys’ lives will be ruined because of this.”


“But the girl was wearing—”


“She was drinking alcoho—”


“They won’t be able to play football anymore!”


“The boys’ futures are ruined because of her!”


“She should be held accountable, too!”


“What did she think was going to happen!?”


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The New Face of American Racism

Racism exists - whether or not you think you directly experience it - it is all around us. I am interested in social justice - recognizing that there exists an unequal distribution of power between different groups of people and working to create agents of social change to “level the playing field”.

Scott Terry is a representative of the New Face of American Racism (NewFAR) - he is young (-ish), educated (expresses that he is well read on black people), and has been exposed to people of color. Though he is (seemingly) the perfect candidate to be an ally - an agent of social justice, he chooses not to be. 


People like Scott Terry claim to be victims that do not recognize that he has privilege because of the color of his skin. This NewFAR was not around when race was created and people were divided because of the color of their skin. Working class people like Terry and other NewFARs missed out on the 16th-19th centuries when their ancestors’ low economic status was exploited by wealthy white Americans who used the promise of “whiteness” and “superiority” to make them submissive to the idea of skin color being a unifying factor more unifying than class. By telling “white” people that they are “white” slave owners were able to create a working class - a class of people that would do their dirty work for them. Now, hundred of years later, these same poor white folks that thought that they benefited from being white are now realizing that they are as disfranchised and subordinate as most people of color in America. Time Wise does a better job of explaining this than I do.

I think this is where racism comes from. At one point it was advantageous for wealthy land owners to reduce people of color to less than human status for economic reason. Hundreds of years later this ruling elite has transitioned away from the physical exploitation of people of color on the basic of race, but now they are able to physically exploit all people on the basic of class. Dumbasses, like Terry and the other NewFARs, perpetuate these racist ideas - trying to find the solution to their problems while trying to strengthen their race lines and concurrently working to both blame and hate people of color, but instead of looking to form relations on the basis of class and asking “why are we in this situation?” and working to change the system, they are fighting with the people that they should be aligning themselves with.

I have long believed that these racists - explicit perpetrators of this inequality - came from a place of ignorance. The prototypical racist (in my mind) was always someone who was ignorant of the humanity of black people and black culture. Whole watching CPAC on YouTube, I saw a video of Scott Terry and this changes my entire theory. NewFARs are young, well read, informed, worldly, and some of them have brown friends; but they are still blind.

As sick as this makes me to my stomach there is a silver lining. His existence and the political stance that expressed is in itself paradoxical - by expressing his affection and hate he is both solidifying his stance as a member for the Republican party and further racializing, thus polarizing the political playing ground. Terry’s presence completely negated the GOP’s strategic insertion of K. Carl Smith - the black moderator. This creates some breathing room for hope - maybe Terry and others like him will further divide the Republican party and make it impossible for these backwards ideas to have any weight in the political arena. 

Thank you Scott Terry (and fellow NewFARs)! Your stance has awakened me, opened my eyes to the harsh realities of what it means being a person of color in America. You have given me my second wind and brought with your hate a lot of hope. I see where we are and I see the clandestine nature of racism. I can plan my path. I know what I must do you unify my agents of social change to change the world of the better.


Ms. DuVernay makes features and documentaries about women at turning points. She herself is one of those women. In “My Mic Sounds Nice” Missy Elliott describes Queen Latifah in a rhyme equally applicable to Ms. DuVernay: “She took her space. She made her place.”

At the same time she makes space and place for others.


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Ava Duvernay Speaks On Her New Film “Middle Of Nowhere”

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"I find that fear and not wanting to take risks, and staying too comfortable makes people wait. They’ll say, ‘I’ll wait until this happens, I’ll wait until I go to film school, I’ll wait until I have all the money, I’ll wait until they ask me.’ Don’t wait for permission. Seek without permission. There’s nothing to wait for. There’s no one coming. There’s nothing coming to do this for you. You have to do it yourself. The mantra ‘do it yourself’ ultimately says ‘do not wait for anyone or anything.’ You have to get up and do that thing. Especially as women filmmakers, as filmmakers of color, anyone who is outside of the dominant culture, anyone who is not getting handed anything, which is most of us, we cannot wait. You have to figure it out on your own and be confident in that and enjoy the ride. Because it is a ride. Even starting my PR firm and running that business. No one was going to hand that career to me. We have to seek without permission and don’t wait for anything."

- Ava DuVernay (via directorsnarrative)

 A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd. ”

— James Crook

Rich, White Harvard Student Campaigns Against Affirmative Action

ignorance and insensitivity trumped intelligence

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery