How Can You Measure Income Inequality? Count The Trees

Turns out there’s a direct correlation between the number of trees a neighborhood has and its monetary wealth — and we can see how this dynamic plays out in space. Environmental journalist Tim De Chant mapped it all out for us on his blog, Per Square Mile, where he worked up a small project called “Income Inequality, As Seen From Space.” De Chant took satellite images from Google Earth that compared two neighborhoods from selected cities to show income disparities. READ MORE»

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that is so interesting. and it makes sense. when i moved to this town for school, there were little things i ended up missing about my hometown that i took for granted. trees were one of them. my mom even knew when i asked her to guess what i missed about home? she said trees. like, this town i am living in is one of the poorer towns in MA, it’s median income is much lower than my hometown. and the lack of trees in the area i live and in the poorest areas of the town are just like… soooooo noticeable as someone who grew up around trees. i need to read all of this.

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    Vking- I would think about St. Johns, in the neighborhoods, compared with SE… SE has trees built into the paths around...
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    How Can You Measure Income Inequality? Count The Trees Turns out there’s a direct correlation between
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    Turns out there’s a direct correlation between...a neighborhood has and its monetary...
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